Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie

我一直是牧羊人派的粉丝——一种包含牧羊人地面的家庭派。In the event that a shepherd is not available,mutton or lamb may be used.

Serves 8
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  1. 1 1/2磅红薯
  2. 1/4 cup half-and-half
  3. 2 ounces unsalted butter
  4. 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  5. 1/4茶匙黑胡椒粉,freshly ground
  6. 1个大蛋黄
  1. 2 tablespoons canola oil
  2. 1杯洋葱末
  3. 2根胡萝卜,去皮,切丁
  4. 2 cloves garlic,minced
  5. 1 1/2磅的牧羊犬(在紧要关头,代替羊肉或羊肉炖肉)
  6. 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  7. 1/2茶匙黑胡椒粉,freshly ground
  8. 2大勺通用面粉
  9. 2茶匙番茄酱
  10. 1 cup chicken broth
  11. 1茶匙伍斯特沙司
  12. 2茶匙新鲜迷迭香,chopped
  13. 1茶匙新鲜百里香,chopped
  14. 1/2 cup corn kernels,新鲜的还是冷冻的
  15. 1/2杯英式豌豆,新鲜的还是冷冻的
  1. 把烤箱加热到华氏400度。
  2. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1/2-inch dice.把它们放在一个中等大小的平底锅里,盖上冷水。Set said pan over high heat,cover and bring to a boil.Uncover,drop the heat to maintain a simmer,煮到嫩,10到15分钟。
  3. 在一个12英寸的平底锅中加热油,用中高温加热,直到发出微光。加入洋葱和胡萝卜,炒至变色。3到4分钟。Add the garlic and stir to combine.Add the meat,salt and pepper,煮到焦黄和煮熟,大约3分钟。
  4. 在肉上撒上面粉,扔到外套上,继续煮一分钟。加入番茄酱,肉汤,伍斯特沙司,rosemary and thyme and stir to combine.把水烧开,then decrease the heat to low,cover,慢慢炖10到12分钟,until the sauce is thickened slightly.
  5. 同时,把一半和一半的黄油放在微波炉的安全容器里,用核弹加热,about 35 seconds.
  6. Drain the potatoes and return them to the saucepan.把土豆捣碎(捣碎机是一个很好的工具,though a hand mixer will also do),然后加入热的半混合物,还有盐和胡椒。Mash to smoothness,then stir in the egg yolk.
  7. 把玉米和豌豆加入肉的混合物中,均匀地放在一个7×11英寸的玻璃烤盘里。上面是土豆泥,starting around the edges to create a seal to prevent the mixture from bubbling over,and smooth the top with a rubber spatula.放在烤箱中间的架子上,放在一个有羊皮纸内衬的半张平底锅上烤25分钟。or just until the potatoes begin to brown.Remove to a cooling rack and let rest for at least 15 minutes before serving.


  1. 1个

    After the holidays we always have leftover Bloody Mary mix on hand.I took a chance and substituted ~1 cup of it for the Worcestershire,tomato paste and about 1/2 the broth.Turned out fantastic and I'll be making Shepherd's pie with my leftover Bloody Mary mix from now on!!

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    Jeff,it has salt and pepper in the ingredients…..Read,然后键入。And this is his 万博彩票投注recipe as I've made it for many(now with my own changes)

  3. 5

    I love this 万博彩票投注recipe!多年来一直在努力,它一直是一个热门话题。I do tweek it a little.I sub ground beef for lamb to save on cost.另外,当我没有新鲜的草药时,我会用干草药。
    The best addition is adding a lite layer of shredded white cheddar right over the top of the potatoes before putting it into the oven.享受吧!We do 🙂

  4. 7

    阿尔顿,the pie belongs to the Shepard hence apostrophe S.如果主要成分是苹果,我们会说苹果派吗?不管怎样,在过去的几年里,我丈夫每过一个圣诞节前夜都会发疯,我的家人也很喜欢。我们用蘑菇代替肉类代替蔬菜。Happy holidays!!

  5. 9

    我必须承认——我很难相信这是真的。”万博体育阿尔顿布朗万博彩票投注recipe… No salt,no pepper??Only two herbs??面粉的体积不是重量?高度怀疑……这就是为什么我没有问题,表现出一点烹饪自由;开始调味,like salt,胡椒粉,smoked paprika,为什么土豆煮熟后要沥干?!你只是在把味道抽干!不要把土豆全盖上,按照指示煮沸和烹饪,偶尔搅拌直到变软,then mash right in their juicy potato broth.Delicious!!

  6. 10个

    My picky family loves this dinner.I generally mix lamb and beef.这是一种5☆舒适的食物!!!

    Sometimes we find ourselves doing something in a pinch and never go back to"real",(即cake mix,instant mashed potatoes,微波炉烤土豆等)。I once had a Capt.That refused to have bakers in the microwave,我忘了烤土豆有多好吃,25年来我都没在微波炉里放面包师。This is the same with mashed potatoes.I made these"万博体育阿尔顿布朗几年前的土豆泥。I haven't opened a package since.它们很容易,很快,好多了。

  7. 11

    我喜欢这个食谱;万博彩票投注what's better is that my family loves it too.谢谢你这么快,tasty,简单的晚餐。

  8. 12

    This is one of my family's very favorite 万博彩票投注万博彩票投注recipes.So glad you posted this 万博彩票投注recipe!我把土豆泥翻一番!!

  9. 13

    My 14yo daughter just made his tonight.Delicious!!Now I have to log the nutritional facts….我在哪里可以找到它们而不必把每一种成分加起来再除以4份呢??

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  10. 16

    绝对难以置信,像往常一样从AB。I made this the night before and then warmed it up in the oven the next day – fantastic.I've made at least 100 different AB 万博彩票投注万博彩票投注recipes (with no flops) and have a DVR solely dedicated to taping Good Eats episodes that I can watch for reference purposes.等不及了”烹饪秀”and hoping the tour comes to the South Jersey / Philadelphia area!!

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