这基本上是世界上最著名的曲奇食谱,万博彩票投注从雀巢的后面我们都知道“微”bag.用面包粉代替普通的万能食品,可以获得额外的咀嚼力。replacing one egg white with milk,改变红糖和白糖的比例。

  1. 8盎司无盐黄油
  2. 12 ounces bread flour
  3. 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  4. 1 teaspoon baking soda
  5. 2盎司砂糖
  6. 8盎司淡红糖
  7. 1 large egg
  8. 1个大蛋黄
  9. 2大勺全脂牛奶
  10. 1又1/2茶匙香草精
  11. 12盎司半甜巧克力片
  1. Melt the butter in a 2-quart saucepan over low heat,然后放在一边稍微冷却。
  2. Sift together the flour,salt and baking soda onto a paper plate.
  3. Pour the butter into your stand mixer's work bowl.Add the sugars and beat with the paddle attachment on medium speed for 2 minutes.
  4. 同时在一个单独的碗里,whisk together the whole egg,蛋黄,milk and vanilla extract.
  5. 将搅拌机减速至““搅拌”慢慢地把鸡蛋混合物倒入黄油和糖中。搅拌至完全混合,大约30秒
  6. 把纸盘当作幻灯片,gradually integrate the dry ingredients,停几次,用橡皮刮刀刮掉碗的侧面。
  7. 一旦面粉磨成粉,把速度降到”“搅拌”and add the chocolate chips.
  8. Chill the dough for 1 hour.
  9. Heat the oven to 375 degrees F and place the racks in the top third and bottom third of the oven.
  10. 用勺将面团分为1 1/2盎司,放在羊皮纸、纸和半张平底锅上。6 cookies per sheet.
  11. Bake two sheets at a time for 15 minutes,rotating the pans halfway through.
  12. 从烤箱中取出,把带饼干的羊皮纸滑到冷却架上,在吞食之前至少等待5分钟。
  1. Makes approximately 2 dozen cookies
  2. *I don't recommend half or double batches.Instead,做一整批,烤你想吃的,将剩余的部分分装并冷冻。
  3. 另一个注意事项:请记住,这是一个“巧克力脆片因此,饼干和最终产品的质量将受到所用芯片质量的极大影响。虽然半甜”莫尔斯我们都知道黄色的袋子是可以用的,我建议把这种对孩子友好的饲料和一些更大胆的东西结合起来,say dark chocolate chips/chunks in the 68% cocoa range.哦,and remember you can chop your own.
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万博体育Alton Brown的美味巧克力曲奇食谱万博彩票投注

万博体育Alton Brown的美味巧克力曲奇食谱万博彩票投注


  1. 便士

    Add a 1/4 c of raw bacon (good quality) cut into small pieces to the dough with the chocolate chips.你不会后悔的!!

  2. 3

    With due respects to some of the disaster commenters,如果你烘焙了很多,你就会知道烘焙通常比大多数烹饪食谱要精细得多。万博彩票投注万博彩票投注成分通常是按重量而不是体积来计量的。120克面粉总是120克面粉。120克面粉也是一杯面粉的合适重量。If you scoop flour you weight will increase beyond 120 grams due to compression and will change your end product.

    As for this 万博彩票投注recipe,I have been making these cookies for years.这是迄今为止我发现的最好的巧克力曲奇食谱。万博彩票投注我妻子更喜欢柔软的,咀嚼曲奇,通常是通过稍微低估她经常使用的收费站食谱来实现的。万博彩票投注When she looked at this 万博彩票投注recipe she not only discovered the use of bread flour but also discovered that the sugar ratio was not 50% refined sugar and 50% brown sugar.更多的红糖也可以做成咀嚼力更强的饼干。With this 万博彩票投注recipe they are not only properly cooked but as chewy as her undercooked Toll House recipe.

  3. 4
    Theresa Xerri


  4. 达斯蒂亚亚拉

    今天做了这些,它们很棒,very chewy with a crisp exterior.巧克力的数量使他们非常巧克力如果这是一件坏事?Freezing a batch for later.我必须在烤箱里仔细观察它们,因为它们很快就变褐了,但在350度的对流烤箱里,8分钟的时间似乎恰到好处。Thanks AB for another great 万博彩票投注recipe!!

  5. 8

    This 万博彩票投注recipe is,明摆着,the best chocolate chip cookie 万博彩票投注recipe I've ever come across.我试过很多不同的食谱(包上的,万博彩票投注万博彩票投注online,you name it) as well as store-bought dough.但是没有一个能和这些饼干相比。Simply perfect.感谢与我们分享!!

    And I LOVE that everything is measured out volumetrically,就像所有的烘焙食谱一样!万博彩票投注万博彩票投注!

  6. 特丽萨

    This 万博彩票投注recipe was a disaster.我很失望。大多数人会假设用体积来衡量,不是体重。可惜配方里没有提到。万博彩票投注在灾难发生之前,我没有看过这些评论。What a waste of ingredients.会回到收费站的饼干。

  7. 11

    Alton,黄色的袋子是“有用的,as you say,but have you tried Hershey's chocolate chips?味道就像你用好时可可做的软糖!我做了一些巧克力方块,需要巧克力片和炼乳来填充-太棒了!!!

  8. 十二

    Almond flour is a great substitute unless you happen to be celiac and allergic to nuts 🙁 I make a flour blend with Brown rice flour,白米粉和甜米粉(也叫黏米粉),还有木薯粉和一点黄原胶。它对饼干很管用,good for muffins & biscuits and reasonably well for cup cakes.not quite as great for breads or full sized cakes

  9. 十三

    To Michelle of the May 2018 post about gluten,奥尔顿的美食:晚年的食谱中有一节是关于替代品的。第63页使用这个巧克力饼干配方作为无麸质方法的例子。万博彩票投注他说你可以混合使用糙米粉和木薯粉(木薯粉可以缓和糙米粉的粗糙度)。the add xantham gum to add volume,粘度和结构,就像普通面粉中的蛋白质。There are no amounts given specific to the cookie 万博彩票投注recipe,但根据背后的推理(书中有更多的细节)你可以做实验。

  10. 14


  11. 15

    I love this 万博彩票投注recipe but was diagnosed with a digestive disease and can not tolerate gluten.Alton,我需要你的帮助,为那些不能吃这种神奇饼干的人找到一个很好的食谱!万博彩票投注请不要让我乞求。

  12. 十六


  13. 十八

    @杰森在棕色黄油上。商用黄油的体积含水率为10-16%。所以这对两支棍子来说不算什么。If it seems a bit too tight maybe add another tsp of milk per stick.我也不会在加入面粉后这样做,因为你不想在我看来混合太多。

  14. 19
    Jason J

    如果我想用棕色黄油做这些,what changes would I have to make to make up for the loss of water in the butter??

  15. 21

    我通常按照(吉拉尔德利)薯片袋背面的食谱做万博彩票投注,将干成分(体积)测量值转换为重量。I always begin by beating the heck out of the softened butter + sugars with a hand mixer for several minutes,用我自己的烘焙方法来做软的,chewy cookie.也许有更好的方法,我想!Melting the butter was new for me,but it allowed the dough to come together beautifully and easily.使用面包粉也是不同的。For this 万博彩票投注recipe I used King Arthur Organic Bread Flour.我把面团冷藏了一个多小时,then began scooping and baking.

    多年的饼干制作经验使我对推荐的烹饪温度/时间感到紧张。我按照指示烤了我的第一片六片,在375*。我在12分钟内把它们拉了出来,然后立即移到冷却架上,因为我可以看出它们已经做得超出了我个人的喜好。对于第二张纸,我尝试了另一位评论家留下的建议:对流烹饪@350*。最后还是提前拉了他们,对我来说还是太脆了。第三张纸,我用了我喜欢的饼干烘焙方法-350*(标准,not convection),烤11-12分钟,在羊皮纸内衬的烤盘上冷却两分钟,then moved to cooling rack.这种方法产生了一个漂亮的曲奇与软,我喜欢咀嚼的质地。

    总结,there is absolutely nothing"wrong"with the 万博彩票投注recipe…but I really don't think it's any better than the one I've been using.味道和最终产品没有什么特别突出的。If you like a softer cookie,你可能会发现你需要降低烹饪温度/时间。